How to choose a home builder

If you are ready to buy new home, it’s highly recommended to shop around for your builder and make up your own builders checklist to help you find a reputable builder that has built quality homes. We give the low down on what things to check out when finding a builder to work for you. Continue reading

Great Start Grant giving homeowners a budget bonus

As well as favourable market conditions, there’s more good news for aspiring Queensland homeowners. The Queensland Government’s Great Start Grant has just added an extra 15,000 dollars to the budgets for young people who are planning on buying a new home.

This grant is to encourage people to build new homes and to support the state’s construction industry which is Queensland’s fourth largest industry by revenue.

As one of Australia’s leading builders of new homes, the team at Dixon Homes Western Downs welcome the initiative which helps homeowners work with a team of carefully selected builders and contractors to construct some of Australia’s best value new homes. Paired with our coveted national buying power and great value house and land packages, the Great Start Grant and Dixon homes give first home buyers real value for money options. Continue reading

What are the Advantages of Country Living?

Wanting something a little different, a fresh start? An affordable tree-change community where you can have the lifestyle that you’ve been yearning for? You’ve lived in the big smoke most of your years. Now it’s time to pack up your life and relocate or retire to a place where things is simpler. The Western Downs is southern Queensland’s heartland. An affordable and wholesome tree-change community, with a great number of lifestyle benefits which the Dixon Homes team share in our latest article. Continue reading

Questions to ask your new home builder

As the saying goes, a question that’s not asked is a question that’s not answered. At Dixon Homes we understand there are a lot of questions that you’ll want to ask when it comes to building a brand new home in the Western Downs. Whether it’s in Dalby, Miles or Chinchilla, we believe ongoing communication between homeowner and builders is an essential ingredient to ensure you get the home you’ve always dreamed of and so you get only the best service. We encourage you to put together a list of questions together before the building process begins so you know what to expect during the build and so we can help deliver the Dixon difference to you. Continue reading

“Housework help” Vol. 1. Hints and tips for the domestic god/Goddess.

If your home is your castle and palace, you probably want to keep it sparkling from top to bottom day in and out. Sometimes though, life gets in the way and things get messy around the home.  There are mouths to feed, jobs to go to, and what seems like a lack of time to keep up with your domestic duties. Luckily for the house proud homeowner, the Dixon Homes Western Downs team have put together some quick and effective tips and tricks to keep your home shining, and to help you maintain the status of domestic god of your home. Brought to you by the builders of fantastic new homes in Dalby, and across the nation, we give our suggestions in our Housework Help series. Homeowners keen to keep the appearance of their home fantastic inside and out can also get the tips first by liking our Facebook page. Continue reading

Spoilt for Choice: New Homes give array of options

When it comes to building new homes, Dixon Homes believe that ongoing customer input and involvement during the design and building process ensures we can deliver the best possible home to our customers which are a true reflection of their personality, tastes and style. Since we’ve been delivering dream homes across the Western Downs region, including the towns of Chinchilla and Dalby, Dixon has strongly believed in customer engagement in every step of the journey. Let’s take a closer look at some of the choices and options our customers have when building with Dixon. Continue reading

Top Attractions in the Western Downs Region

Despite its rural setting, there is a lot more to do in the Western Downs region than farming and agriculture. The region boasts a variety of attractions including museums, national parks and other activities that regions of a similar size and profile could only dream of.  Brought to you by the new home builders at Dixon Homes Western Downs, here is a list of some of the most interesting and exciting things to see and do in the region – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what’s on offer here in one of Queensland’s most charming regions. Continue reading

Four Reasons to Invest in the Western Downs

Demand for housing has skyrocketed in the Western Downs region, with Dixon Homes leading the way in providing house and land packages to the resource rich communities of Dalby and Chinchilla and across the greater Western Downs region. With the resources boom in full swing in these regions, demand for adequate housing has been an ongoing challenge in the area.

Construction of a large number of new homes over the last few years has rapidly sought to keep up with demand in the region with many people choosing to build new properties to live in, or to invest in the region. Today’s news article looks at four reasons many people are choosing to invest in the booming Western Downs region. Continue reading