How to choose a home builder

If you are ready to buy new home, it’s highly recommended to shop around for your builder and make up your own builders checklist to help you find a reputable builder that has built quality homes. We give the low down on what things to check out when finding a builder to work for you. Shop around

When you have the opportunity drive around and have a browse at new homes.  Good house developers will have showrooms and open houses.  Houses that are on display are usually furnished to give you an idea of how the floor plan works. When you inspect a display home take a closer look to the quality of the build. Examine the quality of the paint work, cabinetry and trim work.

It’s best practice to get at least three quotes before committing to one builder. However, it’s recommended not to base your sole decision on the cheapest quote and take in consideration their experience and credibility in the building industry.

Do your research

One of the best ways to gauge the builders work and reputation is to visit homes that are under construction and homes that are already built and have chat with the home owners. Ask the builder for list of addresses they’ve completed. Get some testimonials from previous clients to help formulate an overall impression of the builder. For example you could ask the owner what the builder’s level of service was like.

Ensure the residential builder is registered and licensed with the proper state building authority. It is very important that the builder is fully licensed, the builder’s license will guard against dodgy work practices that are deemed unsafe.  Also, check with the builder to see if they have the right insurances and request to see all the required certificates of insurance.

Here’s suggested builders checklist you can follow:

Are you provided with a construction key?

Does your builder charge variation fees?

Who is your main contact during the build?

Is it possible to get in touch with the site supervisor?

How often will you be updated?

What is the method of being updated?

After the house is built who will clean the site?

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